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I pledge myself upon my honor to be loyal to my God, to my Church and to my country.
I pledge myself to live a clean and honest life and to fulfill all my duties as a Christian.
I bind myself to promote by word and example clean and wholesome recreation.
I shall work and pray to be in all things a generous winner and a gracious loser.


CYO Sports:

Sports offer a wonderful opportunity to instill positive values and build the characters of young people.  Sports and healthy competition build self-confidence and self-worth as well as teaching sportsmanship, teamwork and fair play.  Through sports, young people learn such life skills as cooperation, respect for others and community building.  The youth services department of Catholic Charities, better known as the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO), provides a broad array of team and individual sports, plus cultural and spiritual activities for all young people.

CYO Code of Ethics:

CYO athletic competition is a means of developing youth and giving them the opportunity to enjoy healthful sports.  The most important lesson is CYO sports should be, whether you win or lose, that you learn to respect opponents, officials, and spectators.

It is important that all concerned with the CYO athletic program follow this code:

Players should:

Coaches should:

Parents and Fans should:


Any players, coaches or spectators who are not living up to the CYO Code of Ethics will be subject to immediate suspension or expulsion for CYO competitions.  The head coach is ultimately responsible for the conduct of his or her players and assistant coaches.  The head coach and any parish administrators in attendance at a game are asked to be responsible for the behavior of their fans.